• Association Leadership Task Force
    To identify and mentor future leaders of the association. Meetings: Approximately 4 per year
  • Board of Directors
    Governing body of the association, which shall include the President, Leadership Team and directors. Meetings: Approximately 6 times per year
  • Bylaws and Policy Task Force
    Make recommendations on association bylaws and Policy Manual. Meetings: As needed
  • Community Service Committee
    Fundraise for monetary donations and participate in community endeavors, as deemed appropriate by a majority of the committee. Meetings: Approximately 5 per year
  • Education Expo Task Force
    Prepare and implement the association's annual Education Expo event. Meetings: Approximately 5 per year
  • Finance Committee
    Manages the association’s fiscal assets, including but not limited to preparing annual budgets for approval, establishing guidelines for the investment of cash and reserve funds, and all other related monetary matters of the Association. Meetings: Approximately 6 per year
  • Government Affairs Committee
    Supports homeownership and protects private property rights by monitoring important legislative and regulatory issues, providing updates to the membership as needed, referring critical issues to the Issues Mobilization Subcommittee and participating in REALTOR® legislative events. Meetings: Approximately 5 per year
  • Grievance Committee
    Meet as needed to determine whether ethics and arbitration cases move forward: Meetings: As needed
  • Millenial Task Force
    To prepare and implement one event for millennial members. Meetings: Approximately 2 per year
  • Nominating Committee
    Nominating Committee is charged with determining the Realtor of the Year, Affiliate of the Year and recommending a slate of officers and directors.
  • Professional Development
    Identify and plan Professional Development programs to address and meet member needs. Meetings: Approximately 3 per year
  • Professional Standards Committee
    Members of this committee are appointed to ethic and arbitration cases as needed. Meetings: None
  • Social Media Committee
    Virtual committee to be utilized for strategic association social media likes, reposts and retweets. No set meetings